😵‍💫  Confused on French spelling ?

It is very common to mistake é, és, ai, er, ait, aie, ais, and never knowing which one you should use. And believe me : there are soooo many other French spelling mistakes you could make, and that you wouldn’t even think of !

Here's how to clear your mind

In order to help you get through this, I’ve designed a full guide, humbly entitled : 

🛡 The Survival Guidebook ⚔

🤔 What’s That ?
The “Survival Guidebook” is a free ebook :

✔️ Indexing French frequent mistakes

+ more than 30 common mistakes
+ I bump into them everday, everywhere

✔️ Explaining right from wrong

+ grammar rule breakdown
+ daily examples.

➡️ Makes you avoid :

+ making those mistakes yourself
+ getting mislead when you meet them

Here’s what you’ll find in it : 

Identification of the most common French mistakes
I constantly bump into them, and so will you

Clear explanations of right from wrong

Daily-life examples of what you can encounter at any time
from emails, websites, social media … even in professional contexts

for free 👌

You can use it at any stage – and all along – your curriculum :

Beginners ⇒ build-up solid foundations from the start

Intermediates ⇒ maintain good habits while progressing

Advanced ⇒ get up the next level by hitting spot-on keys 

🎁 BonusThere’s also a cultural mistake most French people don’t know about 🤫…  hidden right in this presentation !

You’ll know more about it all in the document 👀

🧐  Need more detailed information ? This videos shows you the inside of the document and how to make the most of it  ⬇️ 

I’ll see you there ! 😊

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