Dive in your French experience 🌊🦦

With smoothness and agility

1. Brain-hacking te(a)chniques

=> Natural learning through podcasts 🥳

2. Culture, society and practical topics 

=> Beyond mainstream clichés 🧐

Learning a language 
is not a goal in itself

It’s a tool, a way, that is meant to lead you to a destination :


This immersion can take various forms : family or other significant, work, hobbies, cultural interest, everyday life …

anything you decide you want to reach with the languange

Following this purpose, Alter-Frenchie’s contents are not restricted to language tips only. The goal is to :


Find interest

Provide you with podcasts in French, dealing with various topics around France, that you could have been interested in in any case



Allow you to understand what’s being said, and practice the language in real-talk conditions, even if you’re a beginner or an intermediate



Have you pull out added value matching with your current needs, thanks to its subtitles format : language structure, spelling, pronunciation, …

Guided tour for newcomers 🐣🐥

Two versions available : the quick taking-in-hand manual, or the full-insight explaination. Whatever suits you best 😉

Quick version 🏃🏽‍♀️

Full version 🧘🏽

 Here are the resources mentionned in the video : 

1) 🗝️ Alter-Frenchie’s membership ⭐

Along with every video & article comes a mini French class 🎁 this is my way of spoiling my regular visitors 😉
You can easily become one of them : Alter-Frenchie’s membership is completely free and will give you access to all bonus contents : course materials, ebook, events, and other private advantages 👀
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Looking forward to seeing you on the inside !

2) 🗨️ Online, private tutoring 👩‍🏫

If you wish to push your learning further, you can book French classes with me 😊
Classes happen online via viosioconference and are one-to-one moments spent on your needs and struggles with the language.
You can get more information by clicking the button ↓ below ↓

Yup, that pile of books emoji was a dumb AND intended pun on “booking a class” in order “to study”.
Am I proud of it ? … Not really.
Will I, for all that, suppress this shamely emoji-pun ? Not at all !

3) 🛡️ The Survival Guidebook ⚔️

🤔 What’s That ?
The “Survival Guidebook” is a free ebook :

✔️ Indexing French mistakes

+ more than 30 common mistakes
+ I bump into them everday, everywhere

✔️ Explaining right from wrong

+ grammar rule breakdown
+ daily examples.

➡️ Avoid :

+ making those mistakes yourself
+ getting mislead when you meet them

Good to know !
This ebook is kind of like a dictionnary, meant to help you in your daily life so that you make no mistakes,
AND also when reading / hearing something from French people themselves – cause they do make many mistakes ! 
In such a perspective of use, check out the second option right below : it will give you tips to practice in real-life conditions, daily ;D

4) 💬 The French Practice Starter-Pack 🚴

There are two start-off points you can pick 🌝

1️⃣ The first one is a series of four articles & videos that help you : 1. Identify the reasons you struggle to learn French
  2. 2. Find your own solutions in order to unlock and maintain your motivation in the long run
2️⃣ The second option is a technique to have you practice everyday, even if you have a busy schedule : 1. Integrate your learning into things you already do, 2. Make it practical and adapted to your daily life – thus, to your needs

📚 Find out more on other topics through the articles & videos’ library 📖

☝🏼 : clicking on any title or image below will lead you to related contents 🙂

1. Topics as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

Ideas, methods and resources to help you optimise your studying, practice daily and remain motivated

Everyday and practical life tips : adminstration services, groceries, health care, school, work …

This will both help you both as an expat, as well as to better understand how mentalities can influence society and thus, influence mundane situations.

This is part of experiencing France !

French culture explored from all its angles : pop, classical, modern, and multicultural that came out of France’s multiple migrations and influences on cuisine, arts, architecture

1. Economic and social issues ;
2. People, both as a whole and as plural as they are ;
3. History, regions, religions, politics, freedom and rights

As French author Saint-Exupery‘s famously said “one sees accurately with their heart only“. Our relationship to ourselves, how we interact with others, and how we treat our natural environment are all interconnected : I personnaly see ecology and relationships, or else Humans and Nature, as implicit postures and underlying ways to interact, that do impact our state of mind, then our culture, and  later on, our society. This perspective is also indivisible from my personal vibes, and thus, from Alter-Frenchie 🍀☮️

Last but not least ...

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