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Practice French with videos that :

1️⃣ Cover daily-life and cultural topics, under an engaged angle

➜ find some that meet your centers of interest 

2️⃣ Use the “snorkeling method” 

➜ make the most of the real-life conditions videos you watch

Guided tour – Quick version🏃🏽‍♀️

 Here are the resources mentionned in the video : 

Qui suis-je ? / Who am I ?

French language teacher learn conversation 1-1 classes online

Salut✌🏼 Je m’appelle Camille, et – très surprennament – je suis professeure de français 😉 

J’ai eu l’idée d’Alter-Frenchie en étant moi-même confrontée à des frustrations quand j’apprenais les langues : j’avais du mal à trouver du contenu qui m’intéresse, et quand j’en trouvais, ça n’était pas suffisamment adapté à l’apprentissage de la langue. Mais, si je ne pouvais pas trouver mon bonheur, peut-être que je pouvais le créer pour ceux qui apprennent ma langue maternelle : le français ! 😊

Hey there✌🏼 My name is Camille, and – very surprisingly – I’m a French teacher 😉 

I came up with the idea for Alter-Frenchie as a result of my own frustrations when learning languages : I had trouble finding content that interested me, and when I did, it wasn’t adapted enough to language learning. But, if I couldn’t find it for myself, maybe I could create it for those learning my mother tongue : French ! 😊

Videos and articles by category

All-mixed-up & fresh categories’ posts !

1. Topics as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

2. Ideas, methods and resources to help you optimise your studying, practice daily and remain motivated

Everyday and practical life tips : 

1. Adminstration services, school, work, …

2. Eco-friendly living and consumption

This will particularity help you as an expat

French culture explored from all its angles : pop, classical, modern, and multicultural that came out of France’s multiple migrations and influences on cuisine, arts, architecture

1. Economic, ecological and social issues ;
2. People, both as a whole and diversity ;
3. History, politics, freedom and rights

No particular link to France, but defenetely inseparable from my personal vibes 😉

Last but not least ...

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